Our company creates new value based on the roppo-yoshi spirit to provide services on a global scale

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Since our foundation as a specialized chemical trading company in 1923, our company’s management philosophy is “Harmony between people and chemistry”, “Future-oriented challenges and creation”, and “Pursuit of affluence”. OG Corporation has responded to changes in society and grown over the years together with our business partners, and in 2023 we reached a major milestone—our 100th anniversary. I would like to express our deepest gratitude to our business partners and all of our stakeholders for placing their trust in our company.

Our company is currently implementing VISION 2033, a long-term management plan and vision for our company in 2033. This plan will allow us to take full advantage of the OG Group’s global network to boost our corporate functions and build a solid foundation for the future of our business.

VISION 2033 has three basic policies: (1)Business portfolio optimization, (2) Global network strengthening, and (3)Investment in foundations for growth. We have taken the spirit of sanpo-yoshi (good for three parties: buyers, sellers, and society) and expanded it into roppo-yoshi (good for six parties: buyers, sellers, society, the environment, shareholders, and employees.) This spirit clearly defines our commitment to contributing to the prosperity of all our stakeholders. Guided by the roppo-yoshi spirit, the OG Group aims to create new value and provide a brighter future for all.

Going forward, we will continue to utilize our biggest strength—our people—to take on new challenges in an active and dynamic manner to respond to environmental changes and diversification. We are confident this will allow us to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

We appreciate your continued guidance and support for our company.
Eiji Fukui