OG Corporation


Management Philosophy

Harmonization of humans and chemistry
As a specialized trading company we seek harmony through chemistry.
Challenges and creation toward the future
We are committed to innovative thinking and prompt action for the future, without adhering to conventional practices.
Pursuit of affluence
Both the company and the people pursue rich humanity and economic prosperity.


Beyond chemistry, to the frontiers of technology

Chemical products have become an indispensable part of every industry and influences much of our modern life. They are essential to the most advanced electronic & information equipment and medical & biotechnology-related products as well as the buildings we work and live in, our transportation vehicles, and our daily necessities such as clothes and food. Simply put, chemicals enrich our everyday lives.
Immersed in this fast moving environment, the role of OG is constantly expanding into new business fields. We not only trade materials, but now also search for new potential and cross synergies between chemicals and related materials for the benefit of our customers. We will continue to be flexible to grow and succeed in our increasingly integrated and complex world.

A creative trading company specializing in innovative chemical products

We bring cutting edge, high value-added products to our customers through our worldwide network and are determined to be unsurpassed in the value we deliver.
Our mission is to serve and anticipate our customers' exacting requirements for the products they need at the moment they need them. We continually provide our clients with the information and technology they must have to succeed and offer valuable advice to support the manufacturing of the world's most innovative products. Through these activities, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of today's technology by discovering new possibilities in every material.