OG’s Mission

OG Group’s Purpose

Create for the future.

As a creative company, we strive to bring affluence to people around the world.

OG Group Logo

We designed a group logo in 2023 in commemoration of the centennial anniversary of the company’s foundation.


Management Philosophy


HR Philosophy – CREATE –

(Positive Attitude)

See environmental change as an opportunity, express our own view, and try new possibilities

(Respect and Cooperation)

Deepen mutual understanding through open communication, share common objectives and work together to achieve goals

(Constant Efforts and Growth)

Keep day-to-day learning, elevate “knowledge” into “wisdom,” and develop the ability of solution finding and creative thinking to produce better results

(Ambition & Passion)

Have the unyielding spirit of pioneers and chase the dream of realizing what we really want ourselves and our company to be

(Trust and Integrity)

Express our appreciation to all people concerned and address everything sincerely

(Dignity and pride)

Recognize diversity as a member of society, and always act ethically

Corporate Message

be Original. be Global.

To “be original” is our commitment to always generating original ideas. Our objective is to build a company that can offer new values to society by focusing on development and technology based on our expertise as a specialized chemicals trading company and providing products that meet the needs of the times.
To “be global” means to think from a global perspective. We want to be a people-friendly company that actively addresses resource and environmental problems closely linked to chemicals.

OG’s Logo

The circle in the upper left of the logo represents thinking from a broad perspective, the semicircle in the lower right represents tackling invisible possibilities, and the ellipse between them represents the power of action.
The combination of these three shapes symbolizes the specialized trading company we should pursue in the future.

Commemorative logo for the 100th anniversary

Our company made a new logo in 2023 to celebrate the centenary of its foundation.