OG Corporation


OG will celebrate the centennial anniversary in 2023. We strive to bring benefits and offer affluence by linking various parts of the world by the people and chemistry.

Long-term management vision “VISION 2023”

Basic policies of VISION 2023 and activities by Stage 3

Human resource development
Focus on securing and developing human resources for expanding the business and promoting globalization:
  • ・Enhance leadership training for mid-level employees, and language and overseas training
  • ・Develop expertise by technical training at partner manufacturers
  • ・Encourage the participation and promotion of women
  • ・Review and Renew personnel system and education system

Business model change
Differentiate OG from other companies by creating high added value and pursue a business model that embodies OG’s strengths:
  • ・Facilitate the creation of new business by cross-organizational (including group companies) project
  • ・Business development by cooperating with partner and group companies in Japan and overseas
  • ・Establish stable supply systems based on accumulated expertise and global network
  • ・Enhance business model and added value by strengthening functions and facilities
  • ・Develop and manufacture competitive and highly functional products

Expand OG Group’s global network and strengthen partnerships with existing overseas bases:
  • ・Established overseas bases, i.e. 2 in India, 3 in Vietnam, 1 in Indonesia, 2 in China, 1 in USA, and expand global trading
  • ・Acquisition of MC Group in Thailand and establish joint venture with overseas partners
  • ・Send more expatriates to overseas market and educate national staff in each country

Toward the ‘Realization of a Sustainable Society’, we will make further efforts to improve profitability and corporate value by "continuing to propose and create a path to a prosperous future" by utilizing our expertise and global network that we have cultivated over the years.