Long-term management plan “VISION 2033”

We drew up a new long-term management plan VISION 2033 for the decade beginning in FY 2023.

VISION2033 – What we pursue toward FY 2032

A creator of new values that make for a better future based on the spirit of “Roppo-yoshi” (meaning “good for six parties”)

VISION2033 – Group Targets

Targets for OG Group
400billion yen
Gross profit on sales
38billion yen
Targets for OG only
180billion yen
Gross profit on sales
16billion yen

VISION2033 – Slogans

Stage1 (FY2023~2025)
Creative Change

Change our way of thinking and acting to step up to a different dimension for the next 100 years

Stage2 (FY2026~2028)
Creative Evolution

Flexibly respond to rapid environmental changes to evolve further

Stage3 (FY2029~2032)
Creative Dynamism

Become a global actor by actively promoting business creation that enables sustainable growth

Basic Policies

1.Business Portfolio Optimization

Tailor our business portfolio to the times by expanding core businesses,pioneering new fields of business and pursuing every possible angle in order to meet the changing demands of society.

2.Global network strengthening

More closely link all group and partner companies on our global network so that they can freely conduct business anywhere around the world.

3.Investment in foundations for growth

Build sustainable foundations by proactively investing human resources and capital with participation of all employees in ways that generate further growth.

Functional Strategies

We will implement both business strategies aligned with our basic policies and the following functional strategies for the strengthening of each division.

(1) Personnel strategy

Secure talented manpower that can drive growth, and encourage diverse initiatives

(2) Public relations strategy

Provide relevant information to all the stakeholders to build good relationships

(3) Financial strategy

Make aggressive investment for business expansion and maintain a healthy financial condition

(4) Capital policy

Keep a stable shareholder composition and pursue a company culture that benefits all shareholders

(5) Group governance

Solidify group governance and sustain transparent, fair and sound business operations