Looking toward the future, we support the foundation of all industries.

Industry is constantly changing. Basic chemicals, which are indispensable for the development of all industries, play a critical role in driving technological innovation.
The Chemicals Division is a core business of which OG is proud. It provides information on domestic and overseas markets for all products in all areas of industry, and sells a wide array of products, ranging from basic chemicals as materials and ingredients to finished products for general consumers.
Through our network of affiliated overseas companies, we reach out to corporations across the world to promote the import-export business. Moreover, OG’s overseas affiliates collaborate with one another to generate new business without the involvement of the headquarters in Japan.

Global Network

We will continue to globalize our business by leveraging our networks covering India, the Middle East, China, ASEAN countries and North America. We will continue to supply quality and reasonably priced materials, actively engage in OEM, and develop new products.

Major products

A large variety of monomers, solvent, plasticizers, flame retardants, resin modifiers, surfactants, raw materials of poly-urethane, silicone products, fluorine products, and other organic / inorganic products

Speciality products

  1. ・ Blooming inhibitor
  2. ・ Fungicide/Bactericide
  3. ・ Insecticide
  4. ・ Health-conscious building materials (PAS mold)