Advancing the Potential of Fine Chemicals through our Global Network

The Fine Chemicals Division is engaged in trading ingredients for dyestuffs, pigments, medical, pharmaceutical and functional materials, as well as marketing of finished products. The majority of OG’s businesses are engaged in overseas operations including import, export, consigned production and the development of new products in India, China and the United States, Taiwan, Thai, South Korea and other countries. We are active in outsourcing through our global network in order to achieve the most competitive pricing for our customers.

Pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals

Through our global network we can provide pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical manufacturers a complete range of the highest quality commercial materials necessary for the production of specialized raw medical materials, medical and agricultural intermediates and raw preparation materials. Furthermore, we are working with other OG divisions to procure competitively priced raw materials for the highly promising market of generic pharmaceuticals.

Main Lines of Business

  • Medical, agricultural and pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Photo chemical intermediates
  • Dyestuff/pigment intermediates


  • Medical and pharmaceutical additives
  • Food additives
  • Functional materials