Handling of fine chemicals as both manufacturing company and trading company

OG has acted as a trading company in broad fields, including pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, dyes, pigments, engineering plastics, cosmetics, and electric materials. On the other hand, OG as a manufacturer is not yet well known. In India, however, we established Melog Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. as a joint venture with a local company based on business connections built through more than 60 years of activity. As a result, we have experience in setting up a manufacturing plant. This project aims to make OG’s potential known to more customers and offer valuable solutions for them. We are committed to satisfying customers’ wide-ranging needs, including cost reduction, diversification of suppliers, finding a new producer to comply with environmental regulations, and promoting business in India.

Target fields

Pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, electric materials, dyes, pigments, engineering plastics, cosmetics

Main countries where outsourcing is possible

India, China, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan