GROUPOG Wakayama Co., Ltd.

OG Wakayama is situated in a coastal area of Wakayama Prefecture where there are many heavy chemical and other factories. The company was established to support the dying and other industries, based on our accomplishments over the years since the days of the former Wakayama branch of OG Corporation. We are a future-oriented enterprise that offers solutions and develops new products as a member of the OG Group.

Corporate Summary

Address 9th floor, Nakanoshima801 Bldg., 1518, Nakanoshima, Wakayama 640-8392, Japan
Phone: 073-423-6266
Fax: 073-423-6260
Established April 1, 1996
Capital 10,000,000 yen

Business Description

Sales of dyestuff and pigments, fiber finishing agents, functional processing agents, intermediates, organic and inorganic chemicals, resin additives, etc.