GROUPYamago Kasei Industries Co., Ltd.

Solution Partner for Plastics and Peripheral Technology

High-functional compound division
We suggest the composition that best meets the customer’s needs and perform both trial and mass production with reliable high-performance equipment and skilled technical experts.

Injection-molding division
Our competent technical staff offer total solutions for quality products, ranging from product design and molding to mass production and assembling.

Extrusion-molding division
Using our unique technology for multi-layered molding, coating, etc., we respond to various needs and provide quality products at low cost with short delivery times.

Processing division
We meet customers’ various needs, including printing on products, cutting, welding, assembling, and press working.

Quality assurance system
Using JIS equipment for evaluation, we provide quality data according to customers’ demands.

Corporate Summary

Address 14463-1, Soo, Shuto-machi, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi 742-0301, Japan
Phone: 81-827-85-0231,
81-827-85-0221 (Sales Div.),
81-827-85-0634 (General Affairs Div.)
Fax: 81-827-85-0543
Established February 23, 1962
Capital 90,000,000 yen
ISO certification July 18, 2002


Business Description

・Trail production and manufacture of functional resin compounds.
・Development, manufacture, and sale of injection-molding products and extrusion-molding products.
・Assembly manufucturing of plastic products.
・Contract testing of resins properties.