GROUPSuzukawa Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Suzukawa Chemical Industrial started by providing industrial chemicals for the paper industry, which is a vital local industry in Shizuoka Prefecture. In addition to the paper-related industry, we also manufacture sodium silicate, chemicals for wastewater disposal, and urea water for denitration.
Especially in the environmental field, we provide eco-friendly products, technologies, and services to help customers solve their environmental issues. We aim to be a community-based company that contributes to society.

Corporate Summary

Address 7-40, Yodabashi-cho, Fuji, Shizuoka 417-0003, Japan
Phone: 81-545-52-2003
Fax: 81-545-52-2989
Established April 1, 1967
Capital 30,000,000 yen


Business Description

Manufacture and sales of sodium silicate for paper, construction materials, casting and detergents, chemicals for waste water disposal, urea water for denitration, antifoaming agents, surface coating agents, paper adhesives for household use, and other contract processing.